Review on the German magazine Pizzicato
by on March 24, 2021 in In the spotlight Press
“Ciccolini was right”, by Remy Franck
Excited and grateful for the wonderful review about my disc on the German magazine Pizzicato!⬇️
Genny Basso’s performances of pieces by Chopin and Mozart are delicate and tender, very soulful, lyrical, with fine nuances and a wonderfully sensitive touch. And yet, because of a fine rubato and great phrasing, they also pulsate with life. And as if a lot of energy had built up during a good hour, it then bursts forth wildly in the Tarantella Scura from Piedigrotta 1924, the Rapsodia Napoletana by Castelnuovo-Tedesco, premiered by Walter Gieseking in 1925. Arguably, there are quieter pieces in this five-part suite, but the beginning and end, Lariulà, are virtuosic and brilliant. Aldo Ciccolini, to whom this CD is dedicated, said of his Neapolitan pupil, « I have come to appreciate his seductive musicality… » The master was right.

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