I was only a child when I used to listen to my mother playing Neapolitan songs by ear.
Since then, they’ve been in my heart, taking up a very special part in my artistic production.

Today I interpret them, aiming at bringing them back to their classic origins, looking for a style that preserves their melodic nature and deep meaning.

It’s my personal way to thank a unique land, whose everlasting creativity is an unlimited source of inspiration. A land in which love and pain, hope and fear, quest for redemption and self-destruction live together in a never ending battle. Unbelievably hostile sometimes, It hasn’t lost its need to love. Sublime and cursed, everyday life turns into theatre, poetry, music. A city where everything remains the same and everything can happen, like running, between misery and abandonment, into the real sense of love and good, the sense of life.

Te voglio bene assaje
7 February 2016
7 February 2016
Piscatore ‘e Pusilleco
17 September 2015
Funiculì Funiculà
7 February 2016
14 July 2024

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