Aldo Ciccolini
With joy, gratitude and deep affection I dedicate this space to Aldo Ciccolini.
I owe him this homage for the man and the intense artist he used to be and for all that he meant in my life: not only the extraordinary and inspiring “Maestro”, as he was inevitably with all his disciples, but also a second father, who hosted me in his house, supporting me and guiding me with all his energies. He chose to share with me a part of his endless world, made of art, the most sublime, imagination, the most powerful, generosity, the most sincere. His light will keep guiding me and, I’m sure, all those who had the great pleasure to meet him.
Thank you, Aldo.

Aldo Ciccolini

Music is love, because creation is love.

The miracle of music is that it can range from the unimaginable heights of spirituality to the lowest and meanest things of the earth.
Music is a complete art, it doesn’t state anything, but it suggests everything.

[…] Art is a parallel universe that you can conquer through freedom and frankness with yourself.

[…] All that is wicked, like hatred and envy, is represented in art by competition.
If you have talent and something to tell, you fear no rival. We are like brothers and talent brings us together in the same religion: music.

[…] There is no need to be the best or to be appreciated at all costs. The musical performance, if authentic, is an act of love, because the most authentic love is the one that doesn’t demand anything in return.

Aldo Ciccolini - Chopin, Notturno op.62 n.1

Aldo Ciccolini - Satie, Gymnopedie n.1

Aldo Ciccolini - I. Albéniz, Cádiz

Aldo Ciccolini - Schubert, Waltz in G-flat Major "Kupelwieser Walzer"

Aldo Ciccolini - Debussy, Reverie

Aldo Ciccolini - Verdi/Liszt, Aida, danza sacra e duetto finale

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